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Chowtime with Sammy Larsen

Chowtime with Sammy Larsen is about helping our beloved pets through organic cooking and healthy meals created specifically for your pets health issues including supplements and vitamins!  Every health issue that we humans can have so can our pets and since their in our care, we must go above and beyond to help them. Believe me, I wish my dog could whip me up a nice healthy meal but not in this lifetime so we are in charge if that! 

Sammy has had her own Pet Sitting Company bonded and insured for many years!

special thanks to our artist friend JTodd Irby @https://www.facebook.com/Jtoddi

and Nanette Haig Hoey, check out her website @http://www.goalsmarketing.com/goals_portfolio.htm

Happy Clients 
Rocky Road 


This is our friend Rocky, he had a serious chicken allergy so we created a recipe that healed Rocky's skin and has him up to snuff playing and hiking

with his mom Suzi ! 

Lilly & the Tramps

My beloved Lilly, the girl that made me a pit bull advocate for life!  Lilly had serious skin allergies and severe arthritis so we made Lilly her own meal: Lilly and the tramps" that got her stiff joints walking again !

Talons Tumeric Treats  

This is Talon his mom could not find a treat that helped his inflammation so we created Talons Tumeric Treats with peanut butter and turmeric and he loves them!! Plus his mom and dad said they eat them also:)